Comments: Security Industry - a question of history

The evolution of what the industry calls the user experience is filled with self informed non-experts. So who is the user and what do they want to experience? No one really knows because it is private like othe self centered activities: drugs, sex, music, death, birth, and gathering nuts in May. There are of course some recognized attributes but every user has the sense that while they are experiencing the information gathering process regardless of its purpose, it is them and only them that they are experiencing. The internet, or using a network of devices to link to your device for the gathering of information, does not require email, pop up ads, cookies, security certificates, images, music, and video.

The only thing the internet requires is TEXT. Yes simple TEXT as witnessed in the IM and SMS market. Can you Phish with TEXT yes of course if you doctor up the links and what not. If all URLs where required to be in the numeric representation rather than the doctored format Phishing might go away. Since Phishing and Spam are demons perhaps POPUP Ads might be considered an evil as well.
The Industry should never be regulated since the user experience will seek its own level of acceptance like the use of drugs. It is generally considered unsafe to bring large amounts of cash to purchase drugs. On the internet it will become a common practice not to do financial transactions to buy or sell anything. Since self centered activities tend to allow a wide range of merchants and buyers only the most secure form of processing for private information will be permitted by the users. It will start like this my mother will buy tickets online for an Opera. When she gets her bill the tickets are ten times what she thought they would be plus some additional charges she never authorized. Mamas online days are over back to the matress bank and trust and cash transactions. In addition to Mamas swift exit she tells her babys of the unsafe conditions using online commerce. Well no one really listened to Mama until its too late and the baby's get burned as well. Eventually no one will buy that Rolex Watch on the street in front of the train station anymore or only the suckers. Any indsutry effort will prolong the agony since industry standards are there to protect the franchise of the industry not the consumer and their user experience. Trust must be earned not violated within acceptable conditions. Should a payment system find a Phishing Victim has been bilked they might want to fully compensate Mama and make it known they did just for good will but that is all it will be Mama tried drugs for the first time and got fried. Mama is a born again hands in the air goin to church on Sunday cash in the pocket consumer now only recieving hello TEXT messages from the Baby's on her cell phone. Phish this she tells the catalog phone person when they recommend she use their online facilities to transact the purchase.

Posted by J at July 4, 2004 06:53 AM
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